Wednesday 23.03.16:

Music Test

Thursday 24.03.16:

Music Test

10h00 Judges Meeting

18h00 Opening Ceremony

Friday 25.03.16:

08h00 Rhythmic twirl qualification Junior, Juvenile, Senior Boys, Junior Boys

12h25 Team Twirling Junior

13h20 Rhythmic twirl qualification Preteen, Senior

17h25 Strutting all categories

19h35 Top 8 Annoncement Rhythmic twirl all categories

19h50 End of the day

Saturday 26.03.16:

08h00 Solo 1 baton qualification all categories

11h40 Duets all categories

13h00 Lunch

14h00 Solo 2 batons qualification all categories

16h35 Teams Dance Twirl Junior

17h25 Final Rhythmic twirl Juvenile, Junior

18h40 Teams Twirling Senior

19h35 Pompons

20h15 Top 8 Annoncement Solo 2 batons all categories

Solo 1 baton all categories

Strutting all categories

(Reminder : top 6 for boys category)

20h30 End of the day

Sunday 27.03.16:

08h00 Finale Strutting all categories

08h55 Finale 2 batons all categories

10h40 Finale Solo 1 baton all categories

12h35 Lunch

13h30 Finale Rhythmic twirl Junior Boys, Preteen, Senior, Senior Boys

15h35 Team Dance Twirl Senior

16h35 Twirling Corps

17h30 End of the competition

17h50 Closing Ceremony